About us

SLW are a family-run business who have worked in residential care for over 30 years. We strive for absolute excellence in our care services and facilities, and put our service users at the heart of everything we do.

Our team is made up of qualified, naturally caring people who continue to build their skills with on-going training and development. Nurses have their own NMC Pin number which is checked yearly, Unit managers have NVQ level 4 or 5, Senior staff have NVQ level 2 and 3, Care staff have NVQ level 2 or are expected to achieve this during their employment and we encourage progression and career development.

As well as providing excellent professional care our entire team is dedicated to fostering a sense of home and of belonging, taking time to understand individual residents, their likes and dislikes, and exploring ways we can make them happy and comfortable. It’s all about giving our residents and their loved ones the confidence that we’re providing the very best of care.

Another aspect of helping our service users to feel at home is for them to do familiar things. If they had a hobby or pastime they did before they arrived, we’ll encourage them to continue it with us. Or perhaps they may like to learn something new. The important thing is that we treat every resident as an individual. If they enjoy sharing time with others, either in our home or on an organised trip out, they’re most welcome. Or, if they prefer quiet time alone, we’ll respect that too.

We aim to support each person individually to continue to do the things they are able to do, for as long as they possibly can and to recognise where we need to give care and support.

Our Mission

We always ask service users and their families about their food preferences and dietary requirements. Our chef and catering team then work with dieticians to create meals that are nutritious and tasty, using fresh seasonal ingredients. To add more variety, we also make a point of celebrating with special meals and events throughout the year. Service users can eat in our pleasant dining rooms or, if they prefer, we’re pleased to serve them their meal in the privacy of their own rooms.

Our teams of experienced friendly carers, managers and professional nursing staff are in constant attendance 24-hours a day. We have dedicated unit managers who are at the forefront of the business and strive to keep our high standards and ensure that each individual needs of our service users are met. Working together they provide a wide range of social activities alongside basic care needs. A real sense of community develops in every home, while independence and dignity are respected.

Our aim is to provide our service users with 24 hour care and support that focuses on promoting independence, health, physical and emotional wellbeing in readiness for return to their own homes or lead life to their full potential whilst staying longer term at Sycamore Care Centre.