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Our Boldon Care Centre takes great pride in promoting mental health and wellbeing and helping service users with daily life. In order to support resident wellbeing, we employ a team of friendly and enthusiastic activity coordinators who are responsible for organising regular activities and events for our end users and their families to take part in. We firmly believe that maintaining a healthy interest in life is a key part of staying healthy.
Our regular schedule of entertainment includes:

Reminiscing sessions

Pampering sessions


In-house entertainment including cabaret and singers

Eating out at cafes

Hairdressing days

Sensory therapy

Summer barbecues


Harvest festivals

Cookery classes in the community

Sit & Be Fit classes

Hobbies & activities to keep life fun

Receiving Holy Communion every month by the local Salvation Army

Charity fundraisers where service users are fully involved

Service users wishes are at the forefront of our activities programme, making sure there is always something for everyone!

Therapeutic activities

Our regular schedule of activities also includes therapeutic activities, which aim to improve independence, social confidence and bring individual service users to their maximum level of ability overall. Our staff understand that each of our service users is completely unique and as such, has different therapeutic, recreational, social and leisure needs as well as religious beliefs. All of our therapeutic activities are developed around each individual’s preferences with all of these factors appropriately accounted for.

Relative contact and personal preferences

We work closely with our service users and their relatives in order to truly understand the individual. By taking the time to communicate with relatives and build relationships with residents through day-to-day contact and reminiscence sessions, we can understand the life story of our residents. This deep level of understanding allows us to refine a bespoke plan of care that is relevant to the individual. This approach is particularly pertinent to our dedicated dementia care teams, as understanding the resident supports our aim to maintain a person’s uniqueness throughout the challenges they face.

Weekly organised trips

As well as offering an array of on-site activities at the Boldon Care Centre, the home also has its own minibus. Each week, our staff and activity coordinators organise and accompany our residents on trips out. Families and loved ones are also welcome to join service users on these trips out so that safe, quality time can be spent together both inside and outside of the home.

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